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2 weeks Summer Tech Bootcamp

This camp presents an opportunity to gather relevant tech skills, learn within a community and an Internship opportunity.

17th - 31st August, 2022 Lagos, Nigeria


5 Courses


5 Experts

What About Event

The “2 weeks Summer Tech Bootcamp” provides your child the platform to learn new skills and stay relevant in this technology driven world.

Why you should attend?

In a world where technology is fast becoming a thriving need, we present to you a Bootcamp that will help your child stay on the cutting edge. 


  • Skill Set Development
  • Community Learning
  • On-hand experience
  • Internship opportunities


  • For kids within the age 10-18
  • A good laptop


Our curriculum is intensive enough to meet real life needs and at the end of the program the participants will have internship opportunities.


Website Design using WordPress

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Currently, over 37% of all websites on the internet were built using WordPress.


Social Media Marketing

Your children will learn how to make the best use of their time on Social media.  They will learn how to use digital tools needed to achieve marketing and branding goals. 


Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video, typically used to sell a product or describe a system. Whiteboard animation videos are incredibly effective for communicating complex ideas. Using whiteboard animation can boost attention and retention for your audience


Videography and Editing

Messages conveyed in video are more engaging and they lead to a higher retention rate. The truth is that learning video editing in this digital age can open up wonderful career opportunities for you.


Photography and Editing

Photography has become so popular, mainly because of the inclusion of cameras on mobile phones, so it’s more difficult for your photos to be noticed. Learning about photography can open up a world of opportunities. 

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