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Case study 1

Social Media Mgmt. (Maxtivity)

Maxtivity is a family entertainment brand that gives families and individuals of all ages the ultimate immersive entertainment experience.

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The Need

Maxtivity is an ideal fun place, however, the brand was unknown on the digital platform as such and their social media pages had minimal engagement, hence, even within their immediate physical environs, a limitation existed in reaching a number of families seeking fun places like theirs. They needed to, with specificity to their brand voice, build a reputation on social media as the No. 1 family entertainment center, reach more audience, make them repeat customers and ultimately, increase revenue.

Campaign Objectives


To create brand awareness

Build a reputation as the No. 1 family entertainment center


Increase number of followers

> 10% monthly and convert them into paying customers


Increase page engagement

Using metrics such as likes, comment & shares


The Solution

Considering the objectives of the brand, the difficulty experienced by her target audience and the need to maintain her brand voice and style, we developed a social media management model.

This model consisted of a drafted plan to reach her target audience with “consistent” messaging in line with the brand voice


The Message:

Quality, fun and engaging content that will inform (add value to), lighten up the faces of and encourage page visitors to engage in more fun activities as a family


  • We researched who their target audience on the social channels were, created a buyer persona and engaged with their posts and contents. 
  • Created ads to reach a wider range of this audience.
  • Created a content calendar to ensure we cover posting at least once a day.
  • Designed beautiful, eye-catching graphics and videos that would keep their audience drawn to the page.


  •  Increase in posts’ engagement (likes and comments)
  • Increase in the number of followers of page and page visitors.
  • Increase in repeat customers and revenue

The Result

Page growth

Over 1500 increase in the number of followers on Instagram within 24 months.


Over 2000 accounts are reached monthly and celebrities like Regina Daniels and Seyi Law visited us as a result of our consistent messaging.


15% increase in sales accounted for by the activities on social media pages

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