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How to build a social media audience for your business

1. Find a good social media platform that you know your business can thrive on:

As a business owner, you have to understand that not all social media platforms will be conducive for your type of business. So make sure you do good research before moving your business onto any platform.

This article will help you find the best platfo Study how things work on the platform: Now that you’ve gotten a platform that is conducive for your business, take your time to study how the platform works. What goes on there daily? Follow other brands that are doing similar things and ask yourself what you can do better.This link will help you find information that would help your study: With what you’ve learnt, create a social content calendar: This is where the real work begins. As a business owner, you have to have a good strategy for your business. A social content calendar is what helps you plan your content for a stipulated time. You can choose to plan monthly or weekly, whichever rocks your boat. But basically, you need to have a plan.Learn how to create a good content plan in ten steps with this link: Post content at optimal times: I know you’ve done research and you’ve been told that there are certain times that, when you post, you’d have more engagement than other times. As much as this is not a lie, it kind of almost doesn’t work anymore. This is because you’re not the only one that saw that article on the internet, so you’re not the only one posting at that time. And when a lot of people are posting at a particular time, it can make your own post to be lost in all of theirs. So what’s the way forward? Optimal times. Check what time you get the most engagement everyday, that is when you should post. But before you know what time works best for you, you’d have to try out a few other times. This article would be important for you to find out what times you can start with: 1:5. Find the best hashtags to use: Research on what hashtags would work best for your brand and use it accordingly. Make sure that you don’t clog your posts with hashtags too. Use it cautiously.This article will be a good guide to learning how to use hashtags: good visuals: People engage pictures more than they do write-ups. People are more drawn to pictures than qthey’re drawn to words. So what should you do? Get good visuals for your posts. Make sure it is catchy and engaging so that your audience would be able to connect to it.7. Create engaging videos from time to time: Videos, like pictures, can be quite engaging too. So it’s advised that, from time to time, you make videos to promote your business and engage your audience.8. Get a team to work with you on social media: As your business grows, it would become more hectic and there’ll be the temptation to slack because you really cannot handle everything by yourself. It is at this point that you’d be needing a team to work with. A team would help you carry some of the responsibility that comes with running your business, so that you won’t breakdown from the stress. I hope you learnt something new from this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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