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Here’s How to Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Businesses with strong social media presences have all of these things: they have a documented social media strategy, they know their target audience, they know where to find them, and they go there.

None of these steps is dependent on the other; remember that. You could have a social media plan, but if you do not know your target audience, how would you utilize your plan?

If you don’t know your target audience, how would you know where to find them?

If you do not know where to find them, would you be able to do anything?

You know, it is wrong to assume that your target audience could be found anywhere so long as it’s social media. That’s not how this works. Of course, it is important to build strong profiles across several social media platforms, but it is more important to find out which of the platforms a larger number of your target audience use.

It could be Facebook rather than Twitter; it could be LinkedIn rather than IG.

Take your time and find that out.

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